The Broken Heart Refuge 1 – Betrayal – Book Launch

I have been a little quiet lately because I was really busy getting ready to publish my latest book.The Broken Heart Refuge 1 – Betrayal. I had actually hoped to publish it by the 1st December, but things always take longer than you think. I am glad anyway that I was able to get it out there before Christmas.

What do you think of my book cover? Do you like it? I love it, but maybe I am a little biased.

If you’re on Facebook, please come and join us there. The event will go on throughout the day today, and you can pop in anytime, when you have a break. There will be a few giveaways, including a signed paperback copy of my book. Hope to see you there, so we can have some fun together.

2 thoughts on “The Broken Heart Refuge 1 – Betrayal – Book Launch”

  1. Love the book cover!!!

    I only got the email today, so perhaps missed your launch as this was posted two days ago?!! Hope all went well.

    • Hi Lisa
      So sorry you missed my launch. For some reason my blog notifications were sent late, the post was published yesterday on the day of the launch, but blog followers were not notified. A glitch which really annoyed me.

      I will post an update on what happened at the event with some photos soon. I’m glad you like the book cover. And I hope you like the book 🙂


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