A Deal With A Stranger

A romance novel with a twist. Clara’s life is perfect: she has a gorgeous boyfriend, Paolo, she lives on a wonderful Mediterranean island, Sardinia, and she has great family and friends. What more could she possibly want? A wedding, of course. 

Paolo is bound to propose soon, probably on the occasion of her 25th birthday. However, things turn out differently as Paolo unexpectedly leaves Clara. Her whole world crumbles, and from that point on things start to take an unusual turn. 

Clara is approached by Lucilla, a mysterious girl who offers to help. She can win Paolo back for her, but in return Clara has to fulfil a bizarre request. Nothing makes sense to Clara, but she’s prepared to fight to get Paolo back.

Incompatible Twins

Lucy and Poppy are identical twins. They are in their twenties and live in London. Even though they look similar, their personalities are quite different, if not opposite. 

Poppy has been travelling the world after graduating, whilst Lucy has settled down, got a job and bought a lovely flat. The only thing missing in Lucy’s life is romance. Poppy offers to help. After all, she’s seen the whole world so surely she knows how to handle this? 

The perils of metropolitan London prove harder than those of the Columbian jungle. Poppy soon realizes that finding Mr Right for her sister will take a lot more than she bargained for, but she’s not going to give up. 

This is more a chick-lit novella than a romance novel. The love–hate relationship of the twins is evident in their humorous conversations, and will make you wonder who to root for – Poppy or Lucy. There’s only one way to find out.

The Broken Heart Refuge 1-Betrayal

Where can you find comfort when your heart is broken?

Nonna Pina runs The Broken Heart Refuge: the go-to place for anyone who is suffering for love. In Episode 1 – Betrayal – we meet Lisa, who has fallen in love with her best friend’s boyfriend, and Mary, whose husband died recently. What can be done to help Lisa? Should she tell her friend how she feels or should she run away and start a new life? 

Mary’s grief seems paralyzing, but there’s something more to it that bothers her and won’t allow her to move on. Will Mary and Lisa be able to find the answers they’re looking for, among the lovely people who frequent the centre? As Nonna Pina says: “A cup of tea and a few kind words can work miracles.”

Tiramisu Recipes From Italian Friends And Family

Want to learn to make tiramisu like the Italians do at home? 

Look no further than this collection of twenty-five easy tiramisu recipes from genuine Italian people who love cooking. With clear step-by-step instructions and tempting photos, nothing here is difficult, elaborate or intimidating.

I have collected these tried-and-trusted recipes from my Italian family and friends. This delicious dessert collection includes many different tiramisus, such as traditional tiramisu, tiramisu cakes, cheesecake and cupcakes, fruity and alcoholic varieties and tiramisus for children. 

With vegan, gluten-free, low-fat and low-sugar versions, there’s something here for everyone. A bonus section includes inspiration and advice for throwing the ultimate tiramisu party.