Tiramisu Recipes – new book is out

I am so happy to announce that my new book, Tiramisu Recipes from Italian Friends and Family, has been published. This is my fourth book, but in a sense it’s my first book in a new genre, the non-fiction one, so it feels like a new experience all together.

In my previous blog I mentioned some of the challenges I faced writing a cookery book, but there have been more, of which I will talk about in future blogs. But for now, I want to focus on all the people that have helped to make it happen.

The first ones I need to acknowledge are the people who have actually contributed the recipes for these lovely desserts. There are twenty-five delicious tiramisus that feature in my book, and you can take a look at the photos here.

Below are the names of my friends and family who have shared their tiramisu recipes, and without them, the book would not exist. I have of course, included myself in the list 🙂

Giulia Beyman, Anna Maria Serra, Monica Loi, Cristina Garau, Dalia Portas, Laura Puddu, Rita Puddu, Claudia Peduzzi, Manuela Paric’, Ferruccio Munzittu, Mariangela Panu, Rita Dessì, Martina Munzittu, Maria Grazia Munzittu, Maria Antonietta Munzittu, Tiziana Munzittu, Sofia Rossiter, Severa Soddu, Brunella Formentini.

Having written fiction before, I had never handled images and text together, so I needed some help with that. And there I found Janet Tallon, a very talented designer who was able to create a great looking cookery book, a fantastic book cover and an enticing tiramisu party invitation. She deserves a big thank you.

One of the biggest challenges for me, when I was writing the quantities of the ingredients, was the measurement conversion. As if it weren’t bad enough to convert from metric to imperial, I discovered the American cups. This deserves a blog post in itself. Suffice it to say, for now, that I was lucky enough to find a very nice and knowledgeable food blogger, Jean, who was extremely helpful and gave me some great advice on converting my metric measurements to US cups. So a massive thank you goes to Jean.

The index at the end of the book was done by my lovely friend and brilliant author Joanne Phillips, she’s a professional indexer, so I couldn’t get any luckier than that!

The final challenge was the creation of the ebook. I had formatted my own fiction ebooks before, but doing one for a book with photos was a different matter. I wanted an ebook that looked as professional as the printed version, and unless I spent hours on a course learning how to do it, it wasn’t going to happen. I discovered that one of my Facebook friends, Serena Zonca, did just this sort of thing professionally, so I asked her to take care of the digital edition of Tiramisu Recipes, and she did a fantastic job.

There have also been friends behind the scenes that have tried and tested some of the tiramisu recipes. And this is a massive contribution for me, because I wanted to see how easy they were to ‘execute’, and if they tasted as good to them as they tasted to me!

What can I say? I feel really lucky to have had such a supportive team around me. I think you should all raise a virtual glass with me, or in this case, with a tiramisu, a cup of espresso coffee is definitely more suited.

8 thoughts on “Tiramisu Recipes – new book is out”

  1. Martina, the book is beautiful! So happy to have been able to help you with those pesky measurements. Whilst helping you, I saw that I needed to add a few more items to my “Brit Conversions” page; so it will be even more helpful now. Lots of lovely recipes in the book, but I’m especially eager to try the limoncello. Wishing you all the best with the book, Jean

    • Jean, I really don’t know how I could have managed without you. All the information I found online and in reference manuals was not accurate enough, and sometimes even contradictory. You were invaluable.
      I have made the limoncello tiramisu several times now; it’s such a delicate dessert, a real treat, especially nice after a barbeque on a summer evening. Let me know what you think of it after you try it.

  2. This is a wonderful book and I was so pleased with my copy, I’ve bought 2 more as gifts.
    My first attempt – Baileys Tiramisu – turned out surprisingly well for a complete novice. I’m looking forward to trying more of the recipes.

    • Thank you, Pauline. I’m really touched that you liked my book so much as to buy two copies as a gift. This is such a compliment.
      The Baileys Tiramisu is quite a treat, it’s one of my hubby’s favourites, you must let me know which ones you’ll try next 🙂

  3. How clever you are! What a wonderful idea for a book.I am waiting patiently for my copy to arrive.

    In the meantime, I tried Giulia’s Traditional Tiramisu on my family, when we all gathered for a celebratory lunch this weekend. Divine!
    It was such a hit that I had to scour my cupboards for containers, so that they could each take a portion home!
    Thankfully,the recipe is generous enough to feed a large Italian family and I was able to save enough to savour it again the next day.
    I can’t wait for the whole book to arrive, so that we can try more!

    • I am so pleased Dawn that you tried Giulia’s tiramisu and that you liked it. After all it’s the ‘classico’ – the one that most Italians make. Well done! Hope you enjoy trying some other recipes too 🙂


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